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How to find a list of troubleshooting tools for NuGenesis software - WKB1029

Article number: 1029


How to find a list of software tools that are commonly used to troubleshoot NuGenesis software.


  • NuGenesis 9
  • NuGenesis 8


  • F12 Developer Tools in Internet Explorer. These tools are built into Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11 (and probably future versions, too). The tools allow the user fine control over the browser, including the document's display mode. Press F12 in Internet Explorer to display the tools. The look of the Dev Tools interfaces, and the features available through it, change with each version of IE. One thing that you'll always find is a means to control the document mode. If a page's document mode is "5" or "IE 5", then the page is loaded in compatibility mode. It also has a network traffic capture tool, Javascript debugger, page explorer, and many other tools.
  • Fiddler Web Debugger ( Great tool for debugging web applications. It monitors web traffic and captures full HTTP headers and content both both HTTP requests and responses. More capable than the built-in F12 tools, but needs to be installed on a system in order to work.
  • Process Monitor ( - redirects to MS Technet). Captures all file, registry, and network activity in a Windows system. Good all-around tool. "When in doubt, use process monitor."
  • O&K PrintViewer ( Displays spool files (*.spl). Very useful when troubleshooting UNIFY print jobs.
  • Dependency Walker ( Displays the tree of dependent files for any given DLL. Almost all DLLs depend on some other libraries. In some cases, if a dependent file is not present, then an application's DLL may fail to register or work properly.
  • Process Explorer ( Replacement for Task Manager. Shows much more information than the built-in tool. Useful for getting detailed information about running processes, such as it's parent process, environment variables, any open ports, associated services, and more. Very use for identifying processes that hold a file open. For instance, if a file cannot be deleted, you could search for that file through Proc Explorer and it will identify the process(es) that use that file.
  • Wireshark ( Captures raw TCP/IP network traffic. Good for troubleshooting connection issues.
  • Microsoft Network Monitor ( Microsoft's packet capture tool. It seems to be easier to use than Wireshark. It also organizes network traffic by process, which allows you to quickly filter the packets by a target process. See ( for more information about using Network Monitor.
  • LDAP Browser ( Full LDAP client. Useful when troubleshooting LDAP connection in SDMS, VP/ELN, or empower. Also supports SSL connections.
  • SSLTap (documentation: Part of the NSS toolkit from Mozilla. Dumps SSL packets to the command line. Useful for troubleshooting SSL-LDAP connection issues.
  • Structured Storage Viewer (  Opens OLE compound binary files and can save individual streams in the file to separate files on disk.  Very useful for troubleshooting NuGenesis LMS documents

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