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HTTP 502.3 "Bad Gateway" error messages appear after a two-minute delay when loading the NuGenesis WebVision client - WKB31372

Article number: 31372


  • The NuGenesis WebVision site is very slow to load
  • When opening a project view, the browser displays an error message HTTP 502.3 "Bad Gateway"
  • In the Microsoft IIS log files, the log for the WebVision site contains the error codes 502.3 and 12002 for at least one client request, and the time-taken value for the request is approximately 120000 (120 seconds)
  • No error messages are recorded in the Apache Tomcat log files, and the Apache Tomcat 6 service is running


  • NuGenesis 8 SDMS
  • Microsoft IIS in Windows Server 2012
  • Apache Tomcat 6.0.29


The codes 502.3 and 12002 mean that IIS hit a timeout period while waiting for a response from the proxy server (Apache Tomcat). The timeout is 120 seconds by default. The timeout could be a failure of the Apache Tomcat service, slow performance of the server as brought on by debug logging in NuGenesis SDMS, or slow performance in the Oracle database for NuGenesis.


  1. Check the status of the Apache Tomcat 6 service on the NuGenesis SDMS web server; it must be Started or Running.
  2. Look for recent error messages in the Tomcat log files: Drive:\Program Files (x86)\apache-tomcat-6.0.29\logs
  3. Disable debug logging and restart the services:
    1. Open regedit and look for the key HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\NuGenesis Technologies Corp.\NuGenesis\8.0\Debug.
    2. Delete the "Debug" key if it is present.
    3. Close regedit.
    4. Open the services control panel: Start > Run > services.msc
    5. Stop the Apache Tomcat 6 and World Wide Web Publishing services.
    6. Restart the service "NuGenesis VISION Server".
    7. Start the Apache Tomcat 6 and World Wide Web Publishing services.
    8. Restart the NuGenesis RPC 8.0 service.
    9. Delete the debug logs to free up space on the server's disks.
      • Drive:\Program Files (x86)\NuGenesis 8.0\Application Server
        • ng80wvpc*.log
        • ng80wvls*.log
      • Drive:\Program Files (x86)\NuGenesis 8.0\RPC
        • ng80rpcservice*.log
        • ng80rpcshadowserver*.log
      • Drive:\Program Files (x86)\NuGenesis 8.0\UV
        • ng80exec*.log
        • ng80ipvw*.log
        • ng80prev*.log
  4. Restart Internet Explorer and log back in to Web Vision.
  5. If the Oracle database for NuGenesis is performing slowly—often the result of an inadequately sized SGA or insufficient indexes—timeouts and HTTP 502 errors will result.  Contact Waters Technical Support for tools and assistance in troubleshooting the database's performance.


HTTP 502.3 errors may also occur if the Java Runtime Environment on the NuGenesis server is updated beyond Java 1.7 Update 2. The newer JRE is not compatible with Apache Tomcat and prevents it from responding to IIS, leading IIS to display the 502.3 error code in the browser.

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