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Which email program can be used to mail OpenLynx results? - WKB4311

Article number: 4311


  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • MassLynx
  • OpenLynx, OALogin, OA Manager
  • Email Live Mail, Easy Mail, Outlook


Most email programs work when used with OpenLynx.
The program must conform to the Microsoft Application Program Interface (API) and use Standard Windows Messaging API (MAPI), which is used by most email clients.

Other Knowledgebase articles

See WKB3926 - Easy Mail does not work with older versions of MassLynx OALogin with Windows 7 and WKB3926 - Does Outlook work with OpenLynx to email results?


Note: A security feature may prevent the emails from sending automatically. See KB article 4317 Outlook error when sending a message via MassLynx...


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