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How to configure email on Waters PCs and servers that require SSL/TLS authentication for use with Outlook 365 and OALogin - WKB76817

Article number: 76817


Configure email on Waters PCs and servers that require SSL/TLS authentication for use with Outlook 365 and OALogin.


  • MassLynx
  • OALogin
  • Email servers that require SSL/TLS authentication (e.g., Outlook 365)


  1. Use an email client that supports simple MAPI. (See Notes 1 and 2 in the "Additional Information" section.)

  2. If the email client is not integrated with Windows 10, configure it to communicate with the Outlook 365 server using the settings in the table below:

  3. Protocol IMAP POP SMTP
    Port 993 995 587


  4. A specific email account must be used for sending emails. Configure the PC using the account details and passwords of this email account so they are stored in the client.

  5. Confirm that the email client successfully sends emails. The MAPI linkage should be automatic if it is the only MAPI-capable email client program installed on the computer. (The same technique can be used to connect to other email providers.)

  6. Ports and encryptions use the same settings as shown above.

  7. If STARTTLS and port 587 don’t work, try TLS or SSL, and/or port 465.

  8. You may need to select "allow less secure apps" or an equivalent option if the email server requires app registration or other additional security.

  9. Depending on how your local email client is set up, you may get a login prompt when MassLynx connects to the MAPI service. Waters advises that you configure your system so this is not needed, because it may interfere with the operation of the MassLynx program.


Note 1: Not all email clients support MAPI. For example, Outlook Express and the Trusted Windows Store Mail program do not. Most major corporate email services use a client that does service MAPI requests.
You need not have the email client program open for this to work.

Note 2: Wikipedia has a list of email clients and indicates whether they support MAPI.

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