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Does Outlook work with OpenLynx to email results? - WKB4315

Article number: 4315


  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • MassLynx
  • OpenLynx, OALogin, OA Manager


Outlook 2010 does not work with OALogin/OpenLynx to email results.

This issue is due to a change in the Outlook configuration. Local IT departments do not need to set up or use the standard Windows Messaging Application Program Interface (MAPI). OpenLynx needs MAPI to email results, so it does not work.
A "not responding" error message appears in the OALogin window if Outlook 2010 is configured as the email program.

Outlook 2007 and earlier versions do work with OpenLynx.

Note: A security feature may prevent the emails from sending automatically. See Outlook error when sending a message via MassLynx or OpenLynx; A program is trying to send an e-mail message on your behalf.



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