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How to deal with Empower communication failure? - WKB62820

Article number: 62820


Address Empower communication failures


  • Empower
  • Instruments connected via LAN


  1. Log on to Empower in professional mode.
  2. Access "Configure the System".
  3. Select a node from the tree on the left-hand side; from the table on the right, select the row of the node (Acquisition Server) to which the instrument is connected; right-click; and choose Properties.
  4. Instruments that appear as “OK? Yes” in the Instrument tab can communicate successfully.
  5. For an instrument displayed as "No", perform scanning with the Scan for Instruments button.
  6. On the DHCP Server tab, click the Configure DHCP button.
  7. Delete any errors in the server menu.
  8. Delete all instruments listed in Configure DHCP, and reboot the instruments.
  9. After reboots, the instruments appear again in Configure DHCP.
  10. Access the Run Samples window and confirm that the instrument can be set up properly.


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