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What is the proper order of reboot when I have IEEE and Ethernet instruments with Empower or Breeze software? - WKB9476

Article number: 9476


  • IEEE (for example, 2487, 2695, 2996, 515)
  • Ethernet (for example, ACQUITY, 2489, 2998, e2695, 2475, 2707, 1525, e-satin, QDa)
  • Empower 2 and 3
  • Breeze 2


  1. Power-off computer and the systems (no specific order when you power-down).
  2. Power-on the IEEE instruments first (wait until they fully initialize).
  3. Power-on the computer; log in to Windows only.
  4. Power-on the Ethernet instruments (wait until they fully initialize).
  5. Log in to software (Empower/Breeze).


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