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How to pump down a Xevo triple quad - WKB5462

Article number: 5462


Pump down a triple quad from shutdown.


  • MassLynx 4.1
  • MassLynx 4.2
  • Xevo TQ MS
  • Xevo TQ-S
  • Xevo TQD
  • Xevo TQ-S micro
  • Xevo TQ-XS
  • TQ Detector


  1. Power-on the host PC, and then log in to Windows.
  2. Power-on the LC and let it initialize.
  3. Power-on the mass spectrometer.
  4. Wait five minutes for the embedded PC (EPC) to boot up.
  5. Go into MassLynx and open the tune page.
  6. From the tune page, select the vacuum (top drop-down menu in the middle on the tune page), and select pump. The MS will pump down faster if the isolation valve is closed. Remember to open valve before going into Operate mode (this is critical if you have an S or XS).
  7. To pump down faster, turn the collision gas on.
  8. Once the MS pumps for an hour, you can put it into Operate mode. However, for optimum sensitivity (as a result of good vacuum), it is best to wait until the next day to run samples.


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