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How to shut down a Xevo TQ-S - WKB29694

Article number: 29694


Shut down a Xevo triple quad or single quad for a period of time.


  • SQ Detector
  • SQ Detector 2
  • TQ Detector
  • Xevo TQ MS
  • Xevo TQD
  • Xevo TQ-GC
  • Xevo TQ-S
  • Xevo TQ-S micro
  • Xevo TQ-XS


  1. Put the Xevo or SQD in full Standby mode. To do this, go to the Tune page and select the green Operate button in the bottom-right corner of the tune page. It should then turn red.
  2. Turn off all gasses and take a screen capture of the vacuum view to record the vacuum before venting. To do this, go to the Tune page and select the red and green circle icon vac gauge.PNG that represents the vacuum gage.
  3. Press CTRL+ALT+Print Screen, paste into Word Pad, and save.
  4. Vent the instrument using Vacuum (top drop-down menu in the middle on the Tune page) and select Vent.
  5. Once the system has vented, close MassLynx, ensuring that the LC is not pumping and that there are no samples in the sample compartment.
  6. Power-off the Xevo or SQD.
    • For a Xevo TQ-S, TQ MS, or TQ XS, flip only the bottom toggle switch in the middle of the back of the Xevo. You may need to pull the switch out to flip it. You can also unplug the Xevo power cord.
    • On a Xevo TQD, TQ-S micro, SQD2, or SQD, just press the power button in the top-left corner of the front panel.
  7. Power-off the LC, and then power-off the PC.
  8. Ensure that the nitrogen remains connected at 100 psi to the instrument while it is vented.


See How to Start Up a Xevo TQ-S.

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