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LDAP connection test fails in the NuGenesis LMS client - WKB23103

Article number: 23103


  • When testing the LDAP server configuration in NuGenesis LMS, the following error message appears: "User or password is incorrect!"
  • The same LDAP username and password are successful when logging in to Windows, NuGenesis SDMS, or Empower


  • NuGenesis 9 LMS
  • NuGenesis 8 LMS
  • NuGenesis 8 ELN


  • An invalid LDAP configuration prevents the LMS server from connecting to the LDAP server;
  • The LDAP server is offline; or
  • The username entered into the Test Connection dialog box matches none, or more than one, of the entries in the LDAP server


  1. Verify each part of the LDAP configuration in LMS:
    • Check the protocol type and server name in the URL field
      • The protocol should be ldap:// if using non-secure LDAP, or ldaps:// if using secure LDAP
      • The server name in the URL must be the name or full-qualified name of a valid LDAP server
    • Confirm that the port is correct
      • The default port is 389 for non-secure LDAP and 636 for secure LDAP
    • Context Factory: com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory
    • Package: com.sun.jndi.url
    • Security Algorithm: simple
    • LDAP Version: 3
    • Confirm that the Bind User and Password are correct
    • Confirm that the Base DN is correct
    • Clear the LDAP Filter
    • Use the correct LDAP attribute for the User ID: sAMAccountName for Active Directory servers; UID for non-Active Directory servers
  2. An LDAP filter, if present, must use the LDAP query syntax. Example: (objectClass=user)
    • In most cases, an LDAP filter is not required
    • If it is required, use parentheses - ( ) - around the filter. The LMS server appends the filter to the default filter. Example: (&(uid=username)(objectClass=user))
  3. If using secure LDAP, then add a certificate to the LMS server per the instructions in the linked article
  4. Check the LMS server log file for error messages related to LDAP
  5. Use the Softerra LDAP Browser tool to connect to the LDAP server, and run the same query
  6. If the LDAP server returns more than one match for the search result, LMS displays the error message


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