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"Error 40243 - Function call failed while calculating Source File CRC" in the NuGenesis Data Management log files - WKB15749

Article number: 15749


  • Data archived by NuGenesis 8 fails Data Management
  • The following error message appears in the NuGenesis DM log file:
    • "Error 40243 - Function call failed while calculating Source File CRC"


  • NuGenesis 8 SDMS


Either the data file was changed after it was archived into SDMS and before it became a candidate for deletion or the NuGenesis RPC Service account does not have rights to the data file location.


  1. Confirm whether the file was modified after capture:
    • Open the file properties for the file in NuGenesis WebVision.
    • Make note of the file's original location, file size, and modification date.
    • Browse to the file's original location.
    • Compare the file's size, location, and modification date with the information from NuGenesis. If they differ, the file was changed after it was archived, and the new file should become a candidate for capture. The updated file will not be deleted by Data Management.
  2. Set the minimum required permissions on the SDMS File Capture server and on the data's original location for the NuGenesis RPC service account.
  3. Restart the Data Management module within the NuGenesis SCC Manager.


NOTE: Restarting the NuGenesis RPC Service on the file capture server can sometimes resolve this issue.

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