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Can NuGenesis SDMS archive locked Empower projects? - WKB11568

Article number: 11568


  • NuGenesis 8 SDMS
  • Empower 2
  • Empower 3


NuGenesis SDMS can archive locked Empower projects only if the lock is not a Full Lock. Empower projects that have a Read-Only lock or a Process-Only lock can be archived by SDMS. Projects that have a Full Lock cannot be opened by SDMS and therefore cannot be archived.


See the article " How to lock projects and subprojects in Empower" for a description of the types of project locks in Empower.

If an Empower project can be archived by NuGenesis but cannot be deleted, see the article "SDMS Data Management is unable to delete projects from Empower".

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