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EPC Communication Failure in UNIFI or the Mass Spectrometer has lost signal in UNIFI - WKB9414

Article number: 9414


  • no signal from the mass spectrometer
  • in the console it says EPC communication failure


  • Xevo-G2 XS 


EPC lost communication


  1. Flip the pump override switch to the down position. This is the top toggle switch of the two in the center, right at the bottom of the back of the Xevo. You should see notification in the main MassLynx window saying pump override active. You may have to pull it out a little to switch it.
  2. Flip the electronics breaker down. This is the bottom of the two toggle switches at the back of the Xevo.
  3. Wait a minute or two.
  4. Flip the electronics breaker on at the back of the Xevo up (only the bottom switch up).
  5. Wait for communication to be restored to the Xevo by monitoring the status in the side console.
  6. Once communication has been restored and it is in instrument standby, flip the top pump override switch back to the up position. 
  7. Switch to operate. 


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