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Insufficient sensitivity on a Xevo Mass Spectrometer - WKB17847

Article number: 17847


  • Sensitivity is too low to quantitate on a sample being set up for the first time
  • Low sensitivity after a PM


  • Xevo TQD
  • SQD2
  • Xevo TQ-MS
  • Xevo TQ-S
  • Xevo TQ-S micro
  • Xevo TQ-XS


The wrong resolution mode is being used.


  1. Open the console and go to Xevo TQD > IntelliStart.
  2. Select either Quantitative or Low Resolution for the resolution mode.
  3. Ensure that the resolution mode is calibrated and the tune page has the correct LM/HM resolution and ion energy for that mode.
  4. Link the calibration to the tune page being used, or better yet, run a sample tune and development to get a tune page with the correct resolution settings and calibration linked.


  • Quantitative resolution has MS1 with 0.75 Da wide peaks and MS 2 with 1 Da wide peaks.
  • Low Resolution has MS1 with 1 Da wide peaks and MS 2 with 1 Da wide peaks.
  • The wider the peaks (lower resolution), the greater the sensitivity.

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