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When will Windows 10 be supported with MassLynx 4.2? - WKB1709

Article number: 1709


MassLynx 4.2

Microsoft Windows 10


Currently Shipping Instruments are now supported with Windows 10 Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) Build 1607.

Acquity QDa - MassLynx 4.2 SCN 976 and MassLynx 4.2 SCN 993
SQD2 -  MassLynx 4.2 SCN 985
Xevo TQD -  MassLynx 4.2 SCN 985
Xevo TQ-XS - MassLynx 4.2 SCN 982
Xevo TQ-S (and Xevo TQ MS) - MassLynx 4.2 SCN 986
Xevo TQ-S Micro - MassLynx 4.2 SCN 977
Xevo TQ-GC MassLynx 4.2 SCN 978
Xevo QTOF G2-XS  MassLynx 4.2 SCN 966
Synapt G2- Si /-S  MassLynx 4.2 SCN 983

Browse for your instrument via What is the latest version of MassLynx Software that supports my MS instrument? - WKB554  for release notes etc.

For clarity: 
MassLynx 4.2 is supported on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 1607.
MassLynx 4.2 Acquisition PCs are only fully supported on P520 and P720 PCs supplied by Waters, on the Windows 10 Waters supplied image

Processing MassLynx data: MassLynx 4.2 SCN 982 Desktop is available. Customers with a Windows 10 PC supplied by a 3rd party may choose to install and use MassLynx 4.2 SCN 982 for data processing, on the understanding that such a configuration has not been tested by Waters and is not supported.

Legacy Instruments: The plan is to release additional Masslynx 4.2 SCNs to support Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 1607 for some legacy instruments in 2019 (see Additional Information).



Instruments / Systems that will be supported with Windows 10

Legacy instruments that will be supported:

SQD, 3100, TQD - SCN 989 
AutoSpec Premier - SCN 992* 
Xevo QTof G2-S - SCN 971 
Xevo QTof G2 - SCN 990  
Synapt G2 - SCN 991

If the instrument is not in the list (e.g. Quattro Micro)  then it will not be supported on Windows 10. 

Other Instruments and Applications

FractionLynx will be supported in Windows 10.
The 515 and 2767 are still current and will be supported.
PLGS 3.0.3 and BioPharmaLynx 1.3.5 will be supported. **

MSe Data Viewer 2.0 is supported with Windows 10

Note: Windows 10 support will be identified in the release notes of these SCNs or subsequent versions. Please refer to WKB554 for latest SCN support. 

Note: Those SCNs marked with * have not yet been released and are in progress. Although certain SCNs have already been released, the release notes may not yet claim Windows 10 support until end Q4 2018.

Note: ** Version numbers may change. An increased version number indicates Windows 10 support.

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