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What is the white fitting installed between the fluidics valve and the infusion pump outlet tube on Xevo MS instruments? - WKB10578

Article number: 10578


  • Xevo MS instruments


  • This is a pressure-relief device that protects the valve's rotor and stator.
    • The adapter fitting breaks the seal to the stainless steel tube if pressure exceeds approximately 1500 psi.
  • Associated adapter and fitting part numbers:
    • Adapter, Female 1/4-28 to Male 10-32 (# 700004597)
    • Ferrule, Flangeless, 1/16-inch (5/pk) (# 700005488)
    • Nut, Flangeless, 1/16 IN x 1/4-28 (#700005402)


Fluidics valve with the white fitting indicated:

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