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MaxEnt 1 processing crash - WKB1059

Article number: 1059


  • MassLynx processing with MaxEnt 1 causes the software to close
  • MassLynx may crash with a "MassLynx module has stopped working" error message
  • It is possible that not all data files are affected


  • MassLynx (any SCN)


Is the file name very long? MaxEnt 1 has been reported to crash when file names longer than 40 characters are used.  

Is the file path very long? For normal Windows 7 use, with a standard NFTS format drive, the file name and the file path should be less than 259 characters long in total. See

Does the file name have punctuation marks in it, or other nonalphanumeric characters? The OS reserves the following characters, and they should not be used in file names:
< (less than), > (greater than), : (colon), " (double quote), / (forward slash), \ (backslash), | (vertical bar or pipe), ? (question mark), * (asterisk). In addition, avoid Greek characters (e.g., mu for micro) and spaces in file paths.



  1. Rename the problematic files with a name shorter than 40 characters, with a file path less than 259 characters, and using only alphanumeric characters.
  2. Reprocess the data.



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