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How to replace the sample needle on an ACQUITY Flow Through Needle (FTN) Sample Manager - WKB7319

Article number: 7319


Replace the sample needle on an FTN.


  • ACQUITY UPLC H-Class FTN Sample Manager
  • ACQUITY UPLC I-Class FTN Sample Manager


  1. In the Console, select the Sample Manager-FTN from the system tree.
  2. Click Maintain > Replace > Needle.
  3. Open the sample compartment door.
  4. Using a T20 TORX driver, loosen the two captive screws that secure the access panel, and then remove the panel. 

  1. Remove the sample plate if a plate is loaded.
  2. Unscrew the needle assembly's fitting from injector port 4. 

  1. Inside the sample compartment, open the needle-tubing guide cover, located on the roof of the compartment, by rotating clockwise. 

  1. Push the needle latch back to release the needle mounting cylinder from its mounting cavity, and the needle tubing from its notches. 

  1. Lift the needle tip out of the needle guide at the bottom of the needle mechanism. 

Warning: To avoid puncture wounds or damage to the end of the needle, do not touch or press the end of the sample needle. 

  1. Using a T10 TORX driver, loosen the screw on the needle-tubing clamp and remove the tubing. 

  1. Using a T6 TORX driver, loosen the needle guide set screw, and then remove the needle guide. 

  1. Install the new needle guide and tighten the set screw. 
  2. Holding the new needle assembly with both hands to control its position within the sample compartment, secure the mounting sleeve in the opening of the tubing clamp, with the fitting oriented toward the valve. Caution: To avoid letting go of the needle assembly and possibly damaging the tip of the needle, do not tighten the clamp screw during this step of the procedure. 

  1. From inside the sample compartment, take hold of the needle assembly tubing as it enters the compartment from above. 
  2. Ensure that the needle tubing is routed to the left side of the needle carriage's rails and is secured in the guide channel on the roof of the compartment. 

  1. Remove the protective cap from the needle tip.
  2. Insert the needle mounting cylinder into the mounting cavity. 

Caution: To avoid damaging the instrument, do not place the loose loop of tubing above the Z-flag. 

  1. Route the tubing through the two notches below the Z-flag.
  2. Push the needle latch forward to secure the needle assembly. 

  1. Using a T10 TORX driver, tighten the screw on the needle-tubing clamp.
  2. Insert the needle's tip into the needle guide at the bottom of the needle mechanism. 

  1. Ensure that the needle tubing is fully inserted into port 4 on the injection valve, and then thread the fitting into the port, tightening the fitting securely.
  2. Reinstall the access panel using the T20 TORX driver to tighten the two screws that secure it to the front of the unit. 

Requirement: Ensure that the seal port tube is routed under the gap on the side of the access panel. 

  1. Close the sample compartment and fluidics compartment doors.
  2. Calibrate the needle's z axis (see the ACQUITY UPLC online Help).
  3. Characterize the needle seal (see the ACQUITY UPLC online Help).
  4. Perform the needle seal readiness test (see the ACQUITY UPLC online Help). 

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