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Characterizing loop and needle volume fails on nano or M-Class - WKB5597

Article number: 5597


  • Will not pass sample loop and needle volume calibration on M-Class
  • "Failed to calibrate system volume" error after trying to characterize needle and loop volumes




Needle and Volume Detection Device (VDD) in wrong ports.


  1. Needle goes in port 2 on M-Class (or nano with 1.56 firmware or higher)
  2. VDD goes in port 3 on M-Class (or nano with 1.56 firmware or higher)
    • Warning: If you need to switch the position on the needle and VDD, ensure that the reverse ferrules do not stay behind in the port. If the ferrule is stuck, use the metal screw end of a seal removal tool (WAT039803) to remove ferrule from port. 


  1. Ensure that volumes are correct for needle, loop, and syringe values in the configuration drop-down menu in the ACQUITY console for the M-Class sample manager.
  2. Ensure that your strong wash, weak wash, and sample syringes are primed. Five times is usually sufficient and takes about 20 minutes to complete.
  3. Re-run the sample loop and needle volume calibration. This can take up to 15 minutes to depending on the loop size configured.

Also see KB10941 Error: Failed to Calibrate System Volume on FL ACQUITY M-Class - Solution #2

If this error occurs with nanoACQUITY systems using firmware 1.56, the nanoACQUITY Sample Manager requires a plumbing change on the injector cartridge. You must switch the needle and VDD (bubble detector) port connections. The new configuration is the VDD in port 2 and the needle in port 3 of the injector cartridge. Reference the 1.56 Firmware Release Notes.

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