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Cannot log in to UNIFI workstation (Part 2) - WKB11804

Article number: 11804
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  • Unable to log in to UNIFI

  • Error: Cannot connect to the UNIFI server because it is currently starting or unavailable


  • UNIFI 1.8.x


The computer name has been changed since UNIFI was first installed. To confirm:

  1. Verify the current PC name: Go to Windows Explorer, right-click on the computer, and select Properties.
  2. Determine the PC name assigned when UNIFI was first installed: Go to C:\Windows WatersInstallationSummary.txt.


If the PC name is different and IT requires that the PC have the new name, follow the procedure below:

  1. Rename the workstation, reboot, and log in as a local administrator.
  2. Open the command line using the Run As Administrator option.
  3. Change the directory to <install drive>:\Program Files\Waters\UNIFI\Server\Bin.
  4. Type the following: Waters.Deployment.InstallUtil.exe ConfigEditor/ UpdateHost
  5. Reboot the PC after the tool completes (see below).


Reference KCS article: Cannot log in to UNIFI Workstation 

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