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How to do a silent installation of NuGenesis SDMS client programs - WKB48965

Article number: 48965


Perform a silent installation (no UI displayed to the user) of the SDMS client programs.


  • NuGenesis 9 SDMS
  • NuGenesis 8 SDMS


  1. Run the setup.exe program with the -r switch to record a response file.
    • The Transfer App, UNIFY, and Service Release installers have special logic to place the .ISS file in the same folder as the installer, with a custom name, and display a message box that reads, in effect, "you are running this installer in record mode". The SDMS SDK and Admin installers do not have such logic because they are not designed for silent installation; however, the basic process works for all of these applications.
  2. It is important to run the setup.exe -r program on a machine that is identical to the client machines where Admin will be installed. The response file will have all of the responses to dialog boxes recorded. If there is a dialog box that does not appear in the response file, the silent install will fail.
  3. When the setup.exe -r is complete, look for the file C:\Windows\setup.iss.
  4. Copy that file to a network location next to the setup files for SDMS Admin.
  5. For a silent installation, run the program with these parameters: setup.exe -s -f1"PathToISSFile" -f2"PathToLogFile"

    setup.exe -s -f1"\\fileserver\installers\NG8\Admin\Admin.iss" -f2"\\fileserver\installers\NG8\Admin\%COMPUTERNAME%_Admin.log"
  6. Review the log file for errors. Ensure that the installer presents the same set of dialog boxes as when the ISS file was recorded; if it doesn't, the silent installer will fail. In this respect, the process is quite fragile, but this is the system we must work with.



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