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My Agilent ChemStation files are not being archived by NuGenesis SDMS - WKB31589

Article number: 31589


  • Agilent ChemStation data is ready to be archived by SDMS, but the files are not visible in WebVision


  • NuGenesis 8 SDMS


The folder structure used by ChemStation does not match the archive template settings, or it is not supported for use with the ChemStation data adapter in SDMS.


  1. Identify the folder structure type in the ChemStation data:
    • If the .D data folders contain no subfolders, use the Leaf Level Grouping option in the Archive Template.
    • If each .D data folder has one .M subfolder, use the Method Level grouping option.
    • If the folder structure does not match either of the first two types, the ChemStation data adapter cannot be used for this data; use the NuGenesis Generic data adapter.
  2. If using the Agilent ChemStation adapter, set the following settings within the NuGenesis archive template:
    • Vendor: Agilent
    • Product: Chrom ChemStation
    • Revision: 8.04
    • Path: UNC path to the data folders
    • Grouping: set as above for the type of folder structure
  3. If using the NuGenesis Generic adapter:
    • Vendor: NuGenesis Technologies Corp.
    • Product: Generic
    • Revision: 0
    • Path: UNC path to the data folders
    • Sub-Folders Scan: All
    • File Pattern: *.*
    • Grouping: None
    • Map the Folder Element 1 through 7 Tag Markers to a tag label in the template. These tag markers can extract the .D and .M folder names into the metadata, which will make it easy to find all files for a particular .D folder or a project. The exact markers to use, and to which tag labels they should be assigned, depend on the folder structure of the data and available metadata columns in the SDMS project.


For help with capturing data files with the Generic data adapter, see the article "My files are not being captured by SDMS".

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