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My Chromeleon 7.2 files are not being captured by SDMS - WKB10830

Article number: 10830


  • Chromeleon 7.2 data is ready to be archived by SDMS, but the files are not visible in WebVision


  • NuGenesis 8 SDMS SR2
  • Data Adapters Release 3
  • Chromeleon 7.2


Archiving data from Chromeleon 7.2 has several requirements that are specific to this data adapter.


  1. The Chromeleon SDK must be installed on the Chromeleon client.
  2. The SDMS Archive Template must have a valid Chromeleon username and password attached to it in the Advanced tab of the template.
  3. The user account must have a Role that allows, at a minimum, the following permissions within Chromeleon:
    • Archive > Send to File
  4. The "Waters SDMS Chromeleon72DA DataExchangeService" service must be started on the Chromeleon client and configured to listen on a valid port (default: 9996).
  5. The user account assigned to the above service must have read/write access to the Scan Path defined within the SDMS Archive Template. It is recommended that you use a domain account for this service; preferably, use the same domain account assigned to the NuGenesis RPC 8.0 service.


For help with capturing data files with the Generic data adapter, see the article "My files are not being captured by SDMS".

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