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With which MassLynx 4.2 SCNs can Skyline be used to successfully export MRM methods? - WKB92770

Article number: 92770


  • MassLynx 4.2
  • Skyline
  • Xevo TQ-XS
  • Xevo TQ-S Micro
  • Xevo TQ-S


Empirical testing and real world usage show that when Skyline is installed alongside the following MassLynx 4.2 SCNs it is possible to export MassLynx methods from Skyline using an appropriate MS method template.


MassLynx 4.2 Software Change Note Instrument


Xevo TQ-XS

SCN977, SCN1001, SCN1013 Xevo TQ-S Micro
SCN997 Xevo TQ-S


If you try to use Skyline to export MassLynx methods with the following MassLynx 4.2 SCNs, an error occurs, and no MS method is created.

MassLynx 4.2 Software Change Note Instrument
SCN 943 Xevo TQ-XS
SCN 985 Xevo TQ-D
SCN 986 Xevo TQ-S


SCN943, SCN985, SCN986, SCN 982, SCN 977, SCN 1001, SCN 1013, SCN 997

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