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Using EasyMail in OpenLynx, no emails are sent, and "Error value 17" appears in OALog1.log file - WKB8078

Article number: 8078


  • OAlogin is configured to email results, but no emails are sent
  • Monitoring process using OpenLynx Debug Monitor (see Article #8080, How to configure Debug Monitor logging in OAlogin)
  • The following errors appear in the log file (typically found in C:\MLynxLogs):

Error value 17 in pEMSMTP Send
MailReport sent easy mail retval 0
AttempttoOpenFile Start in below line


  • MassLynx
  • OpenLynx, OALogin, OA Manager
  • Emailing via EasyMail
  • EasyMail software support


The server specified is either invalid or unavailable.


  1. Go to OALogin Manager.
  2. Select File > Report Location... > Email Reports > Settings > Server.
  3. In the Server field, specify the correct server name. (Your local IT department can give you the name.)
  4. Enter a valid email address in the From Address field.

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