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"Server Busy" error with MassLynx - WKB6806

Article number: 6806

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  • MassLynx communication problem
  • "Server Busy" error in pop-up window


  • Windows 7
  • MassLynx 4.1, SCN 932
  • SYNAPT G2-Si
  • Sophos Security software (antivirus) installed on host PC
  • Same error seen on a Xevo G2-Tof system with Sentinel-One antivirus software


Unsupported antivirus software is configured without the correct exceptions.


  1. If possible, remove the unsupported security software and replace it with Symantec.
  2. If the switch is not allowed by the customer's IT policies, ask the customer's IT department to configure the following exceptions in Sophos:
    1. C:/MassLynx/
    2. C:/Program Files (x86)/Waters Instruments/
    3. Any folders to which data is written during acquisitions
    4. .raw file type


Similar problems may arise with other unsupported antivirus software. The same solutions may be applicable.


See also: "Server Busy" Error stopping MassLynx during overnight runs



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