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How to uninstall MassLynx - WKB6207

Article number: 6207


Uninstall MassLynx.


  • MassLynx


  1. Log in to the computer with local administrative privileges.
  2. Make a copy of the StopACQUITYProcesses.cmd on the desktop (not a link/shortcut). C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Waters Instruments\Bin
  3. Backup Target Registry or load system settings to the EPC.
  4. Make note of the MassLynx application managers loaded on current version (keydisks).
  5. Remove the instrument control software (ICOPS) using the setup.exe through MassLynx.
  6. Back up data or rename C:MassLynx folder (example: C:MassLynx_backup)
  7. Uninstall MassLynx. If any SCN updates are installed, uninstall these first before uninstalling the MassLynx base software from the Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs).
  8. Run theStopACQUITYProcesses.cmd on the desktop.
  9. Delete the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Waters Instruments. If there is an error when deleting, there are processes running in the background. Open Task Manager > Processes tab. Look for any processes that are called "acquityxxx", "inle~xxx", "wdhcpxxx", or "ICScompanion". Stop the processes. Delete the Waters Instrument folder after the processes have stopped.
  10. Look for any other folders in C:\Program Files (x86) that have "Waters", "ACQUITY", or "Micromass" in their name and delete them.
  11. Check registry folders. Click on Start/Run and type "regedit" to go to the registry key. Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Waters, right-click, and delete the Waters folder.
  12. In the same HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE folder, check to see if there are any folders with the words "Micromass" or "Micromass Backlynx". If so, delete these folders.
  13. In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ wow6432node\ delete "Instrument", "Micromass", and "Waters" folders. 
  14. Reboot the PC to ensure that all processes are closed/reset.
  15. Reinstall MassLynx using setup.exe (right click and "run as administrator"), load ICOPs, and reconfigure inlet.


When reinstalling masslynx ensure there's no active antivirus software running, windows defender and windows firewall services are stopped and disabled, and the User Account Control is set to never notify. 

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