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OpenLynx Browser will not open on a Windows 10 PC - WKB48920

Article number: 48920


  • OpenLynx Browser will not open on a Windows 10 PC when opened by double clicking an OpenLynx report file.
  • The main OpenLynx Diversity Browser window will initially appear, however the progress wheel icon will continually animate, and the program will not fully open to allow the user to perform tasks or view data.
  • Significant delay observed when MassLynx is opened.
  • The Browser may open if opened from the icon but will crash when a report file is browsed for or selected.

  •                            OpenLynx_Issue_Windows_10_.png


  • MassLynx 4.2 (multiple SCNs)
  • OpenLynx
  • Diversity Browser
  • Microsoft Windows 10 OS


A touch screen is enabled on the PC / laptop. The driver for this, in some versions of Windows 10, causes issues with MassLynx.


  1. Disable the touch screen driver as described in article: How to disable the touch screen driver in Windows 10 - WKB49433


The issue is not present on officially supported Lenovo P510 series PCs with an official Waters MassLynx image of Windows 10.

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