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How to tell if a PC has Microsoft antimalware software activated using Service Profile - WKB2587

Article number: 2587


When troubleshooting communications problems, it is useful to know if Microsoft antimalware is running as this can interfere with MassLynx data collection and cause comms issues.


  • Windows 7
  • MassLynx


  1. Unzip the Service Profile.
  2. Open the msinfo.txt file.
  3. Click either Edit > Find or Ctrl+F.
  4. Type malw to find antimalware settings.
  5. Inspect the highlighted entry to determine if the feature is running.
    For example, results in [Services]
    Display Name                            Name       State        Start Mode   Service Type      Path                                                                    Error     Control ....
    Microsoft Antimalware Service  MsMpSvc Running    Auto             Own Process    "c:\program files\microsoft security client\msmpeng.exe"    Normal ... 


There is a lot of information available in the Service Profile for use with troubleshooting.

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