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How to create a Waters Service Profile - WKB5053

Article number: 5053


Save a Service Profile from the Console - to aid troubleshooting or take a snapshot of the system information.


  • MassLynx
  • Empower
  • ACQUITY systems
  • Mass Spectrometers


  1. Go to the Console.
  2. Click Troubleshoot, and then Save Service Profile.
  3. In the Problem Details dialog, type information identifying the profile. For example:
    Name: Instrument, Analyst, or Company Name.
    Description: A description of the problem or the system.
  4. Click Settings and ensure that all options are selected.
  5. Click OK in the Problem Description window, and then select a location to save the Waters Service Profile (default location is the desktop).
  6. If required, change the name to save the Service Profile under.
  7. Click Save and wait approximately five minutes for the Service Profile to save.
  8. A zipped folder appears on the desktop.


The Waters Service Profile captures a snapshot of the system status, hardware configuration, and information.
The Service Profile can be emailed to Waters Technical Support to help with troubleshooting, or it can be saved as documentary evidence of the configuration of a system at a particular time.

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