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How to load ACQUITY M-Class and ACQUITY (Classic, H-Class, or I-Class) drivers on the same MassLynx PC - WKB13645

Article number: 13645


Load both M-Class and other ACQUITY drivers on the same PC for use in MassLynx.


  • MassLynx
  • ACQUITY M-Class
  • ACQUITY I-Class
  • ACQUITY H-Class
  • nanoACQUITY


  1. With no drivers installed, start with the ACQUITY drivers. Run the DM (Deployment Manager) but do NOT load all drivers (default setting). Select only the instrument components needed (custom). Load only one sample manager, and load the ELSD driver even if there isn't one. A minimum of Driver Pack 4 must be installed.
  2. Let the autoloader load the ACQUITY firmware.
  3. Reboot.
  4. Install the M-Class drivers (Driver Pack 1.53 or 1.55) using setup.exe. Ideally, select only the components that are needed, although you can select Typical.
  5. Close the autoloader—it does not work properly on the M-Class.
  6. Reboot the PC.
  7. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Waters Instruments\Firmware\firmware loader.exe and select M-Class or nanoACQUITY firmware.
  8. With the M-Class or the ACQUITY connected and the firmware loading complete, browse to the switching utility at C:\Program Files (x86)\Waters Instruments\Utilities and double-click on the ACQUITY and nanoACQUITY Configuration.exe.
  9. Select the mode to be used (nano or ACQUITY), and select Configure.
  10. You can now open MassLynx and configure the inlet.


For more information, see How to switch from an ACQUITY to an M-Class in MassLynx.

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