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Can I connect my GPIB/IEEE controlled inlet to my new MassLynx PC? - WKB13668

Article number: 13668


  • New PC

  • MassLynx (not upgraded)

  • IEEE controlled inlet, for example, Alliance (2690, 2695, 2790, 2795), 1525u

  • GPIB card


Confirm the specification of the new MassLynx PC and determine if the PC has the appropriate slot for your GPIB board (for example, PCI)


Note: GPIB cards are not supplied with new PCs and must be ordered separately.

Note: If you are upgrading the PC and your new PC has the correct slot, then the old board should work in the new PC.

Lenovo Waters supplied Lenovo P-5xx and P-7xx series PCs do have a PCI slot that fits the NI GPIB card.

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