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Can a GPIB/IEEE-488 controlled inlet instrument/system be connected to a new MassLynx PC? - WKB13668

Article number: 13668


  • PC running Windows 10 OS

  • MassLynx v.4.2

  • IEEE controlled inlet, for example, Alliance (2690, 2695, 2790, 2795), 1525u, PCM II/III, Solvent Fluidics Organizer (SFO)

  • GPIB card


Confirm the specification of the new MassLynx PC and determine if it has the appropriate PCI slot for the existing National Instruments GPIB PCI card which needs to be removed from the old PC.


Note: National Instruments GPIB cards are not supplied with new Waters PCs and must be ordered separately.

Part number: 700007728 GPIB PCI Card

Part number: 700011495 GPIB PCIe Card

Part number: 205001716 Kit PCIe card including GPIB cable

NOTE: If you are upgrading the PC and your new PC has the correct slot, then the old PCI board should work in the new PC.

DRIVER: Refer to MassLynx SCN, Release Notes Document on what version National Instrument driver is to be installed. For Windows7 PC's be sure to install the National Instrument drivers v2.8.1 that come in the Accessories folder on the root directory of the MassLynx software installation disk and NOT the latest released drivers from National Instruments.

The PCIe card is shipped with driver version 19.5 for Windows 10. The driver can also be downloaded from National Instrument's home page If you are installing on a PC without internet connection, choose the Individual Offline Installers below the download button.

On the page "Additional items you may wish to install", deselect everything and then tick NI-488.2 MAX Support. This will install the Measurement & Automation tool.

Waters supplied Lenovo P-5xx and P-7xx series PCs have both a PCI slot and a PCIe x 1 slot that fits the two types of NI GPIB cards.

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