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Equilibrate and Condition Column functions, if used as the first line in a sample set, can cause instrument failure or instrument server crash - WKB58764

Article number: 58764


  • The Equilibrate function or the Condition Column function is included as the first line in a sample set
  • Instrument failure or instrument server.exe crash occurs after the first injection completes


  • Empower 3 (all)
  • ICF 2.2 or ICF 3.0


The cause is unknown but is being investigated. The behavior cannot be reproduced. The issue has occurred when either function is used as the first line of a sample set. There is no evidence that the problem occurs when either function is used elsewhere in a sample set.


  1. Do NOT use Equilibrate or Condition Column as the first line in a sample set.
  2. If either function must run first, separate it into a sample set that runs prior to the main sample set.


Issues have also been reported when Monitor Baseline is used prior to a sample set and is not properly aborted before starting the sample set.

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