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How to create an Export Method for Raw Data that does not specify a Report Method in Empower - WKB3069

Article number: 3069


To create an Export Method for Raw Data that does not specify a Report Method.


  • Empower 2
  • Empower 3


Creating an Export Method for Raw Data that Does Not Specify a Report Method

  1. Access the Project window.
  2. Select File > New Method > Export Method. The Export Method Editor appears.
  3. Click the Raw Data tab.
  4. Type up to 32 characters for the filename. Empower software adds four additional characters (the ID from the database) to the end of the filename at the time of export.
  5. Select file formats (ASCII, AIA, or OpenLynx) and methods of export (E-Mail or File). You can choose multiple file formats and methods of export.
  6. To export ASCII data, select or specify optional column and row delimiters, and then select optional single or double quotes in the Text field. These quotes enclose exported text fields.
  7. You can customize the format of information in the export file as follows:
    • Export Time Column – Exports the retention time (x axis) column. When this check box is not selected, only response values are exported.
    • Export Fields – Exports sample identifier labels (Sample Name, for example). This check box must be selected before you can set the Label Orientation parameter or add sample identifier labels into the table.
    • Label Orientation – Sets the orientation (Row or Column) of sample identifiers and sample identifier data.
    • Sample Identifier List /Sample Identifier Table – Specifies sample identifiers to include in the export file. Select a sample identifier from the list, and then double-click the identifier (or drag it) to the table on the right. Sample identifiers in the table are included in the export file.
  8. Save the method.

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