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"Serial Number Uninitialized" is seen in the node properties of an Empower LAC/E32 acquisition server - WKB23983

Article number: 23983


  • After scanning for instruments in Node Properties, the ACQUITY UPLC PDA Detector is listed as OK? - NO
  • On the Instruments tab where the serial number should be listed is the phrase "Serial Number Uninitialized"
  • A battery was recently replaced on the ACQUITY UPLC PDA Detector


  • Empower 3


Dead battery on the detector


  1. Replace the battery on the detector, and then log on to the LAC/E32.
  2. Go to the directory Local Disk (C:) > Empower > Instrument > Firmware.
  3. Open the Loader executable.
  4. Select "Scan for Instruments" and click Next.
  5. Select the detector, right-click it, and choose Set Serial number.
  6. Type in the detector's serial number and click OK.
  7. In the Waters Instruments window that lists all of the instruments, be sure to click Cancel. (Clicking OK rewrites the firmware on the detector.)
  8. Close all windows and connect to the system.



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