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How to set the serial number of any ACQUITY or ethernet module? - WKB791

Article number: 791


  • If installing a new CPU or replacing a battery it will be necessary to reset the instrument serial number


  • Ethernet Instruments
  • All ACQUITY UPLC devices
  • All Alliance HPLC detectors
  • MassLynx
  • Empower
  • Breeze


  1. Browse to the Firmware Loader.exe.
    • On a MassLynx PC - C:\Program Files(x86)\Waters Instruments\Firmware\Loader.exe
    • On an Empower PC - C:\Empower\Instruments\Firmware\Loader.exe
    • On a Breeze2 PC, you must first unhide the Empower directory from the Folder Options in Control Panel. It can then be accessed from the usual Empower location.
  2. Select the Scan for instruments box, and then press Next
  3. Right-click the instrument, choose Set Instrument Serial Number, and then specify the SN.
  4. Click okay from within the set serial number screen to return to the main instrument list
  5. Within the main instrument list screen, Do not press "OK". Instead, press Cancel to exit the instrument list.
  6. Cancel to close the Firmware Loader.

See attached screen shots


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