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How can I tell that my mass spectrometer is vented? - WKB894

Article number: 894


  • MassLynx 4.1
  • Xevo TQ-S


To determine if the instrument is vented, by inspect any one of the following:

1) MS Tune page, Bottom right corner, Vacuum status, Vacuum OK or Vented.

2) MS Tune page, Diagnostics Tab, Turbo Speed 0% = vented; 100% = pumped down.

3) MS Tune page, Diagnostics Tab, Pumping Status LEDs, blue when pumps are off, green when pumps are running.

4) MS Tune page, Diagnostics Tab, Source Interlock LEDs, 2nd LED is red = Turbo <80%.

5) ACQUITY MS Console, System Status: "Turbo Pump OFF".

6) ACQUITY MS Console, Xevo TQ-S Status: "Turbo Pump OFF".

7) Put your foot on the rough pump to determine if it is vibrating. If it is, the pump is on and the instrument is most likely under vacuum.



Similar information is available on the Tune page for all Waters mass specs and in the MS Console for those system that utilize the console.

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