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Procedure to reboot and power cycle a UNIFI system with a LND - WKB8466

Article number: 8466


Reboot and power cycle a UNIFI system with an LND.


  • UNIFI Network Mass spectrometer ACQUITY UPLC Laboratory Network Device (LND).



  1.  Log off all UNIFI portals.
  2. Switch off all clients.
  3. Switch off LND.
  4. Switch on the MS Pump Override.
  5. Switch off MS electronics. 
  6. Switch off UPLC modules. 
  7. Stop the wservicehost service on the server.
  8. Reboot the server.
  9. Wait for all seven wservicehost processes to start up on the server.
  10. Switch on the client.
  11. Log in to the portal and go to the Device Manager LND tab.
  12. Switch on LND (and log in to it so that it boots into Windows).
  13. Wait for the LND to come online in the Device Manager on the UNIFI portal.
  14. Switch on the UPLC modules. 
  15. Switch on the MS electronics.
  16. Wait five minutes for the MS to boot up.
  17. Check the vacuum in the instrument console. If the vacuum is good, switch the pump override switch back to AUTO. This should be reflected in the software.



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