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No communications with the XEVO TQD, TQ-XS, TQ-S micro & SQD2 - WKB7610

Article number: 7610


  • Unable to control MS in MassLynx tune page
  • Loss of comms with MS
  • "Instrument Not Present" error message in MassLynx pane (bottom right)


  • MassLynx 4.1
  • Xevo TQD
  • Xevo TQ-XS
  • Xevo TQ-S micro
  • SQD2


Embedded PC does not have communications with the host PC. 


  1. Close MassLynx and the MS console.
  2. Locate the EPC reboot switch on the front of the instrument (small hole just below the power and status LED). 
  3. Push a piece of peek tubing or a paper clip into the small hole mentioned in step 2. This is where the EPC reboot switch is located. 
  4. Wait three minutes for the EPC to run through its boot sequence.
  5. Open MassLynx and confirm that a "Not Scanning" message is in the MassLynx pane (bottom right).
  6. Open MS Tune page and confirm vacuum readings are "real" and that everything is communicating properly. Note: If the MS has vented, go to Vacuum > Pump to start the backing pump.
  7. Within the MS tune page, confirm that MS API gas can be turned on, the MS into Operate mode and that there are sensible readbacks.


Alternatively if the above soft reboot does not work you can try this.

Recycle PC.
Shut all modules on the UPLC stack.
Login to PC.
Turned power back on to MS (If the system is vented). Or press the EPC reboot switch as described above if system is under vacuum.
Wait 5 minutes for comms.
Verified comms with Mass Spec by checking Telnet EPC in Microsoft command window.
Enter Masslynx.

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