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How to remove the Xevo TQ-S micro or ACQUITY QDa pumping block insert assembly - WKB6442

Article number: 6442


Remove the Xevo TQ-S micro pumping block insert assembly. (When you try to clean the Stepwave on a Xevo TQ-S Micro, the pumping block insert assembly may become stuck.)


  • Xevo TQ-S Micro
  • ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector


  1. Remove the cone.
  2. Remove the four holding screws for the pumping block insert assembly.
  3. Start to wiggle the assembly free.
  4. Apply methanol to the edges of the screw holes and around the edges of the pumping block.
  5. Continue to wiggle the assembly free.


Be sure to leave the peek block and preferably the ion block (minus the cone) on so as to have something to grip when removing the assembly.

See Section 4.18 (Rev. C) of Xevo TQ-S micro Overview and Maintenance Guide, 715004599

See Section 3.10 (Rev. F) of ACQUITY QDa Detector Overview and Maintenance Guide, 715003956

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