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Will an iKey work in a TRIZAIC source? - WKB62431

Article number: 62431


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If the customer has an ionKey/MS-supported Waters mass spectrometer, the correct ACQUITY UPLC M-Class driver pack, and the correct MassLynx SCN, the iKey will work in the TRIZAIC source.

If a customer is using an MS that is not supported with ionKey/MS or does not have the correct SCN or M-Class driver pack, the iKey will not work with the system.

Switching from TRIZAIC tiles to iKeys means that a switch must be made from internal trapping to external trapping. Additionally, the internal diameter of a TRIZAIC tile is 75 µm, while for an iKey it is at least 150 µm. That means that the tubing on the TRIZAIC source enclosure must be changed to ionKey tubing according to these schedules. 

Contact you local service organization for help determining if your Waters MS, driver pack, and MassLynx SCN are supported and correct, as well as for quotes and information regarding tubing upgrades.




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