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QDa collects blank data then crashes when collecting 7 SIR functions at 2 Hz, need to reboot QDa - WKB27856

Article number: 27856


  • QDa MS method with exactly 7 SIR functions and a Sampling Frequency of 2 Hz
  • No data collected - not a flat baseline but empty chromatograms
  • System appears to acquire as normal, running the gradient but does not move on to the next sample
  • System will not communicate - loss of communications (comms)
  • Mass Spectrometer must be power cycled to work again
  • May need to reset all inlet modules
  • Works with 8 or 6 functions


  • QDa with Firmware V (Not seen on Rev U)
  • MassLynx SCN 947 and SCN 961
  • MassLynx SCN 976
  • MassLynx SCN 1036
  • Empower
  • Windows 10


Bug on the instrument related to Firmware version V
Displayed in the Console > QDa Detector > Configure > View Module Information > Instrument PLD Version = V


  1. No fix at the moment
  2. PFD 19653 has been raised
  3. Workaround: Add a "dummy" function to the method, collecting minimal data


Also seen with MassLynx SCN 1036

With Full Scan ESI in MS mode in Positive and Negative you cannot run SIRs between 7 and 9. (6 and 10 SIRs work fine)


Electrospray, MLYNX, MLYNXV41, QDA, SCN1036, SCN947, SCN961, SCN976, SUPMM

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