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How to reboot and power-cycle a Xevo Tof system with ACQUITY LC - WKB24861

Article number: 24861


  • Reboot and power-cycle a Xevo Tof system with ACQUITY LC.


  • Xevo QTof
  • Xevo G2
  • Xevo G2-S
  • Xevo G2-XS
  • All with ACQUITY LC system attached


  1. Flip the pump override switch (this is the top toggle switch of the two switches in the center at the the bottom on the back of the Xevo) to the down position. You need to pull the switch out to change it. You should then see a notification on the Tune Page that the pump override is active.
  2. Exit MassLynx (close the Tune Page, the Inlet Editor, the Console, and then MassLynx).
  3. Run stopACQUITYProcesses (C:\Program files (x86)\Waters Instruments\Bin\StopACQUITYProcesses.cmd or StopProcesses.exe).
  4. Reboot the acquisition computer.
  5. Power-down the LC stack. IMPORTANT: When powering-down the LC stack, ensure that the module with the Ethernet cables attached to it (most commonly the sample manager) is turned off last.
  6. Leave the LC stack off for approximately 30 seconds.
  7. Turn the LC stack back on. IMPORTANT: Ensure that the module with the Ethernet cables attached to it is turned on first.
  8. For a Xevo G2, power-off the external EPC (all other instrument EPCs power-off with the electronics).
  9. Flip the electronics toggle switch (the bottom switch of the two toggle switches on the back of the Xevo) down.
  10. Wait approximately 30 seconds.
  11. Flip the electronics toggle switch on the back of the Xevo up.
  12. For a Xevo G2, power-on the external EPC (all other instrument EPCs power-on with the electronics).
  13. IMPORTANT:  Wait five minutes for the EPC to boot up.
  14. Open MassLynx.
  15. Open the Tune Page.
  16. Go to View > Vacuum, and then the vacuum tab. Verify that the vacuum reading for the Tof is real (not 1e-8). If there is no real Tof vacuum reading, start the reboot again.
  17. In the Tune Page, also look for an error message stating that the pump override switch is in the override position. This error message indicates that proper communication exists between the mass spectrometer and the acquisition computer.
  18. Once you have a good vacuum reading, flip the pump override switch (the top switch) back to the auto (up) position .
  19. Verify that the pump override switch error noted in step 17 is now gone from the Tune Page.
  20. Put the MS into Operate mode.




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