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How to clean the internal components of a Penning gauge - WKB17711

Article number: 17711


Clean the internal components of a Penning vacuum gauge.


  • Xevo TQ-S
  • Xevo TQ-XS


  1. Rotate the collar clockwise to unscrew it from the body tube.
  2. Remove the anode assembly and the O-ring.
  3. With lock-ring pliers, remove the circle clip from the body tube.
  4. Remove the cathode tube and the cathode plate.
  5. The anode assembly has a bracket mounted close to the disk on the anode; use a strip of fine emery paper to clean the gap. Ensure that the gap is 0.25 mm, minimum.
  6. Use emery paper or a fiberglass pen to clean the cathode tube, the cathode plate, and the body tube.
  7. Further clean the cathode tube, the cathode plate, and the body tube as follows: Sonicate in 1:1 methanol/water for 30 minutes; rinse with 100% water and then with 100% methanol; blow dry with nitrogen.
  8. Fit the cathode plate and tube in the body tube and secure with the circle clip.
  9. Fit a new O-ring and the anode assembly into the body tube, ensuring that the orientation is correct.


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