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How do I condition the MCPs - WKB1350

Article number: 1350


Condition the MCPs on a QTof Premier or LCT Premier.


  • MassLynx
  • Q-Tof Premier
  • LCT Premier
  • Synapt (G1)
  • Xevo QTof (G1)


  1. Ensure that the instrument is pumped down and the vacuum is less than 1.2 e-6 mBar for at least an hour.
  2. Put the instrument into Operate mode. The detector voltage is set to zero.
  3. Go to setup and select Detector conditioning. Use the following settings:  
    Start = 0 
    Stop = current MCP settings before venting
    Duration (mins) = 60 to 720 (Must be a minimum of 60 minutes, even if you have the system pumped for at least 12 hours. The longer the time to condition, the easier or better it is for the MCPs). If you pumped down quickly, then you should condition the MCPs for longer (ideally 600 minutes or more). Waters recommends that you are below 1.2 e-6 for at least an hour before you condition the MCPs.
    Steps = 1
    Delay = 0
  4. Note that once the conditioning is complete, it is best to type in the final MCP voltage on the instrument tab of the Tune page, and then click Save, as sometimes it reverts back to zero. Not that you have to repeat the detector conditioning, but you will not observe a beam with 0V on the detector. 



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