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Error: "Beam error - Too many beam intensity failures" - WKB12269

Article number: 12269


"Beam error - too many beam intensity failures" error occurs during detector voltage setup. Problem arises even when the beam for LeuEnk is stable.


  • Xevo G2
  • Xevo G2-S
  • Xevo G2-XS


Problem is related to excessively high or low detector voltage at the beginning of the detector setup.


  1. In the tune page's menu, go to System > Auto Values.
  2. If the signal is too high and shows artefact peaks after the real ones - decrease the detector voltage to remove artefacts. Make sure, that LeuEnk is still giving strong signal.
  3. If the signal is too low - increase the detector voltage to reach signal in mid e6
  4. Click Update and Close.
  5. Re-run Detector Setup.


Make sure, that beam is stable (too high desolvation temp. and gas flows cause unstable beam).
Nominal mass position should be adjusted, especially in Sensitivity mode, which is a default mode.
Capillary voltage shall not be too high as this may cause overloading the detector.

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