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What is the best flow cell for an ACQUITY PDA running large molecules/proteins that exhibit peak tailing? - WKB9536

Article number: 9536


  • ACQUITY H-Class System
  • ACQUITY PDA Detector
  • Protein/amino acid analysis


In some applications the ACQUITY Light Guided flow cells exhibit significant peak tailing due to adherence of the large molecules to the Teflon AF.  Eliminating the Teflon AF and going to a design with a stainless steel body is an acceptable solution. The 5-mm stainless steel PDA flow cell (205000612) is about half as sensitive as the ACQUITY LG PDA flow cell because the path length is reduced from 10 mm to 5 mm. There is also an increase in volume, which slightly increases the dispersion of this flow cell.


ACQUITY PDA 5mm SS FC [205000612]

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