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Replacing 2690/2695 pump tubing by manual cutting - WKB59731

Article number: 59731


  • Tubing is cracked, corroded, kinked, or broken at various points in and around the Alliance pumps


  • Alliance HPLC system
  • 2695 Separations Module
  • 2695D Dissolution Separations Module
  • 2795 Separations Module




  1. To manually make replacement tubing without ordering pre-cut tubing, the following materials are needed: 0.020" SS ID tubing (WAT088430), 0.040" SS ID tubing (WAT088432), compression screws and ferrules 5 pack (WAT025604), tubing cutter (WAT022384), 0.09" union (WAT097332), two pliers, and a file.
  2. NOTE: All of the tubing around the Alliance pumps, with the exception of the GPV line, must be 0.020" ID or greater. The GPV line is made of 0.040" SS ID tubing. Using any tubing smaller than the prescribed ID would allow the system to function only at low flows and cause high-pressure shutdown at increased flows or during priming.
  3. Take the old tubing and measure an equal length from the new tubing. 
  4. Cut with the tubing cutter and break at the scored mark with two pliers, keeping the surface and tubing as straight as possible. File down any burrs and insert one compression screw and one ferrule onto each end. With a union, set the fittings to the prescribed depth and the swage onto the tubing.
  5. Route, bend, spiral, and twist the tubing to the desired connection point, being careful not to create 90 degree bends; slightly rounded bends are best.
  6. Manually making replacement tubing is not limited to pump tubing. The same procedure can be applied inside the fluidics compartment, as well as the solvent outlet tubing to the column and around the detectors.


Refer to article 26425 for pre-cut direct replacement tubing part numbers.

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