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"Sample pressure low (value): possibly no wash solvent or needle damaged" error message for the ACQUITY Sample Manager - WKB5882

Article number: 5882


  • Error message: "Sample pressure low (value): possibly no wash solvent or needle damaged" 
  • Needle seal leak test fails
  • Priming wash solvents does not resolve
  • Needle does not appear damaged
  • Liquid appearing from sleeve that peek fitting and ferrule fit on to (Needle: T30-30uL / Part Number: 205000369) going into the injector seat port #3 (see fig.1)
  • leak sleeve.JPG Fig. 1


  • ACQUITY UPLC Sample Manager
  • ACQUITY "Classic"


Loose fitting at injector seat.


  1. If liquid is appearing out of the sleeve going into port #3 continue to step 2, if not continue to Step 5
  2. Unscrew fitting from port #3 and ensure clear inner tubing is flush with the end of the nose on the outer sleeve
  3. Prime wash solvents to ensure no liquid is leaking from sleeve or tubing going into port #3.
  4. Observe pressure trace is acceptable (Fig. 2) and continue with diagnostic tests following a needle replacement.
    • Calibrate needle z-axis
    • Characterize needle seal
    • Characterize needle loop volumes
      • IMG_1484.JPG Fig.2
  5. Rotate the needle seal tube 1/8" turn clockwise.
  6. From the ACQUITY Console, select Sample Manager (Maintain > Characterize > Needle Seal).
  7. If the test passes, proceed to Step 4. If the test fails, repeat Step 1. (Repeat Step 1 no more than two times.)
  8. From the ACQUITY Console, select Sample Manager (Maintain > Characterize > Needle and Loop).


If the needle seal characterization test does not pass, even after tightening the needle seal three times, you may need to replace the seal.

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