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"Plunger Homing Fault (1)" on Alliance 2695 - WKB53216

Article number: 53216


  • "Plunger Homing Fault (1)"  ( 1= accumulator)


  • Alliance HPLC system
  • 2695 Separations Module


  • The solvent delivery system failed to detect the home position during initial movement of the actuators (torpedoes)
  • Salt buildup in system


  1. Vent the accumulator pump to atmosphere. (To do so, loosen the fitting on the top of the accumulator head. You may find a little solvent running out of it when it initializes.)
  2. With the vent valve open, reboot the unit.
  3. Flush the system with enough water to remove any buffers or salt buildup.
  4. If all the fittings on the accumulator head are loosened and the error is still occurring, switch the primary and accumulator actuators and observe the error. If the error is "plunger homing fault (0), then the accumulator head may be faulty.
  5. Replace the accumulator actuator (700001031)


  • The same troubleshooting steps can be performed for Plunger Homing Fault (0)"  ( 0= primary). In this case, vent the primary pump to atmosphere.


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